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Autumn Forest at Seven Lakes

The nature begins to change in Autumn, always in perfection. While quietly preparing to winter, the chirping of the spring, merry laughter of the birds, and sounds of streams full of enthusiasm are reduced gradually; leaving the place to the sound of the wind and rain, again. Green trees take on different colors according to their types in every fall. Each color has a thousand and one tones and shades. Millions of trees are preparing for winter in Seven Lakes region, in another poetry, in another autumn.

Autumn on the Forest Lake

Autumn on the Forest Lake Yedigöller, Bolu, Turkey. Reflections of Autumn on the surface of the lake.

Making pottery in Avanos, Cappadocia

Photo: Ghost of ancient times.The historical feature of Avanos, still relevant and very visible today, is production of earthenware pottery. The ceramic trade and pottery factories date back to the Hittites, and Hattians in the period of Assyrian Trade Colonies. The ceramic clay from the red silt of the River Kızılırmak, ancient River Halys has always been used.