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Showing posts from February, 2010

Ottoman Street

Ottoman Street, originally uploaded by street with Ottoman houses in Kaleiçi, Antalya Citadel. Seljuq Yivli Minaret ahead.

Making Glass Art Beads

Glass Artist Working, originally uploaded by artist working with oriental glass art beads, gifts and small sculptures in his street shop at Antalya Citadel.

Antalya Citadel

Antalya Citadel, originally uploaded by City Center on the cliffs fortified by ancient castle walls. Ottoman houses, Yivli Minaret and other Seljuq structures above Marina.

Fisherman at Antalya Marina

Fisherman mending his fishing nets at Antalya Marina on his fishing boat on a sunny Mediterranean Sunday.

Cloud on Mountain Range

Cloud on Mountain Range, originally uploaded by on Taurus Mountains on the way to Antalya and ancient Sagalassos.

Rain @ Waterfalls

Ducks and rain at Kursunlu Falls near Antalya.

PHOTO: Rain at Waterfalls, originally uploaded by

Purple Crocus from the Best Spring Florist