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Seine Fishing at Lake Beysehir

Fisherman at Lake Beysehir, originally uploaded by and his small fishing boat at Lake Beysehir, near Konya, Turkey.

Flamingo Dancers

Flamingo Dancers, originally uploaded by dancers at Ankara Zoo.

Sunset at Lake Beysehir

Sunset at Lake Beysehir

Sunset at Lake Beysehir, originally uploaded by at Lake Beysehir at sunset.

Seljuq Mosque at Beysehir Konya

Seljuq Mosque at Beysehir Konya, originally uploaded by Great Mosque of Beyşehir built by the Seljuq Beys of Eshrefoghlu dynasty between 1296-1299, also called Eşrefoğlu Mosque, is considered one of the masterpieces of the intermediate period of Anatolian Turkish Beyliks between the Seljuk and Ottoman architecture styles.

Ottoman Hamam at Sille, Konya

Hamam at Sille, Konya, Turkey, originally uploaded by Turkish steam bath at Konya Turkey.

Harvest at Konya Plain

Harvest, originally uploaded by at Konya Plain, Turkey.

My Sweet Rose

My Sweet Rose, originally uploaded by rose in the garden of Yalvac Museum of Archaeology near Konya, Turkey.

Golden Sunset at Lake Mogan

Golden Sunset at Lake Mogan, originally uploaded by atra at sunset at Lake Mogan, Ankara.

Golden Fields near Ankara

Golden Fields near Ankara, originally uploaded by is the golden times of the year. I love to see the golden fields along the horizon rippling and waving with dry and warm winds under the blue sky, and smell the fragrance of fields...