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Mountain House

Mountain House, originally uploaded by voyageAnatolia.Log and timber houses at summer village at highlands of mid-Anatolia.

Coppersmith Shop

Coppersmith Shop, originally uploaded by voyageAnatolia.Coppersmith shop at Mudurnu. These are best for unusual corporate executive gifts...

A Sunny Sunday by the Black Sea

A Sunny Sunday by the Black Sea, originally uploaded by voyageAnatolia.

Remember Mark Twain's stories of Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn? I loved to read them! ... Here is a moment of life in a small fishermen's town Akcakoca on a sunny sunday near Black Sea. A kid angling, a grandfather took his little grandson, looking to the fishes in the sea probably, with another kid. Another kid sitting on the mooring bollard watching them while he has to study his school-book, and another kid took his siberian husky, the dog watching the group curiously, while the nasty angler kid looks making fun of younger kids... What a Wonderful Day ! ...

Snow at Mount Ilgaz Pass

Fog at Fishermen's Port at Black Sea

Fog at Fishermen's Port at Black Sea, originally uploaded by voyageAnatolia.Fog at fishermen's port at Zonguldak, Turkey, Black Sea.

Tarsus Café

Tarsus Café, originally uploaded by voyageAnatolia.Tarsus Cafe at Saint Paul's street.


Gate, originally uploaded by voyageAnatolia.Entrance through the gates of sufis at Cappadocia.

Sinop Beach at Winter

Sinop Beach at Winter, originally uploaded by voyageAnatolia.Black Sea and Sinop Beach at Winter.

Inside Ottoman Mosque

Inside Ottoman Mosque, originally uploaded by voyageAnatolia.

Merchant at Village Bazaar

Merchant at Village Bazaar, originally uploaded by voyageAnatolia.

Hiking Mount Mire

Hiking Mount Mire, originally uploaded by voyageAnatolia.

Sinop Fishermen's Village

Sinop Fishermen's Village, originally uploaded by voyageAnatolia.Sinop Fishermen's Village in winter.

To Build a Fire...

To Build a Fire..., originally uploaded by voyageAnatolia.It reminds me Jack London stories when I see this fiery picture in these winter days. The Call of the Wild, White Fang, and The Sea Wolf along with many other popular books...

However, this fire was at Beynam Hill of Ankara in an old oil barrel at a place reserved for barbecue in an icy winter day after walking and photographing in the woods.

Coffeehouse at Aegean Village

Chatting at Village Coffeehouse, originally uploaded by voyageAnatolia.Two old friends chatting at Altinoluk village near Aegean sea close to Dardanelles and Gallipoli, at agora coffeehouse under the plane tree of centuries old.

Hospitality at Cappadocia Gate

Greeting, originally uploaded by voyageAnatolia.At the historical gate of a Cappadocia restaurant.

Hiking Mount Mire

Hiking Mount Mire, originally uploaded by voyageAnatolia.

Winter at Sinop Beach

Winter at Sinop Beach, originally uploaded by voyageAnatolia.Winter at Sinop Beach, Black Sea.